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The Camp Safe 2021 Program

 Camping is a little different this year due to COVID. In order to help keep campers and campground staff safe across the country we’ve asked campgrounds to sign up for our Camp Safe 2021 Program. It is designed to help you see which campgrounds are going above and beyond to keep everyone safe.

What Is the Camp Safe 2021 Program?

The Camp Safe 2020 program is a set of guideline for campgrounds to follow that are designed to keep campers and campground staff safe and reduce the potential transfer of the COVID-19 virus in Campgrounds.

We’ve made this guideline by utilizing the information each province has provided for their COVID response. Each campground is responsible for implementing the safety processes. As business owners, they know that keeping you safe is their top priority. 

The CampSafe2021 Badge

How It Works

Campgrounds that are interested must agree to a checklist of health & safety standards for their campground. Campgrounds are then sent the CampSafe2021 badge, seen above, in order to indicate that these campgrounds have signed off. 

We will be showing campers on our website all the campgrounds that have agreed to these policies with this badge. If you see this badge you know that this campground is taking safety seriously.

Campgrounds Agree To The Checklist

We Show Off the CampSafe2020 Badge

They Promote COVID Safety Procedures

Everyone Has A Safe Summer Of Camping

What Is In The Checklist?

We’ve talked up our checklist and CampSafe2021 badge, but what are campgrounds doing to keep you safe? In order to receive the CampSafe2021 badge, campgrounds must agree to the following guidelines.

  1. Restrict social gatherings to the maximum provincial limit
  2. Encourage social distancing of 2 meters
  3. Allow a safe distance between sites or close every other campsite
  4. Discourage visitors who are not registered campers
  5. Limit access or close high-traffic public areas
  6. Disinfect commonly used areas and items in each campsite
  7. Limit touch points for both campers and attendants
  8. Encourage safe hygiene practices
  9. Provide PPE for employees in frequent contact with campers
  10. Notify campers and employees that they should stay
    home if they show symptoms

Additional Resources

Interested in learning more about our Camp Safe 2021 program?

Check out our webinar or contact us for more details.